Monday, March 19, 2012

»SpamBully Review

SpamBully Review

Pros: Has many different options for filtering e-mail. Spam filter gets smarter as you use it more. Option of reporting e-mail to the
Cons: Only works with Microsoft Outlook
If you took a poll and asked internet users what the biggest annoyance is on the internet, the majority would probably say E-Mail
Spam. E-Mail Spam has been one of the biggest problems for internet users for years. Millions of Spam E-Mails are sent everyday
and it doesn't appear to be letting up. So what are internet users supposed to do about this?

Well, there are a few options with dealing with Spam. Some E-Mail providers offer Spam controls. Some of the Spam controls are
good, other Spam controls are not so good. This is where SpamBully comes in.

SpamBully is basically a computer software with the main purpose of stopping Spam. SpamBully works with Microsoft Outlook. So
how does SpamBully go about stopping Spam? Well, SpamBully has many different features for stopping Spam. Here are my three
favorite features:

Filtering E-Mail By Country

SpamBully has the option of filtering your E-Mails based on the country it originates from. This is probably my favorite feature of
SpamBully. So for instance, are you sick of those E-Mail scams coming from Nigeria? Well, you can block all E-Mails from Nigeria
and just like that, your problem is taken care of.

Filter E-Mail Based on Select Words

This is another really good feature that I like about Spam Bully. Basically, you can type in any words that if are found in any
incoming E-Mail, SpamBully will mark it as spam. This is really useful. For instance, put in the word "Viagra", and any E-Mails that
contain the word "Viagra" will automatically be marked as spam. How about blocking the word "Enlarge"? Well bye-bye penis
enlargement E-Mails. Those will be going straight to the spam folder.

Report E-Mails To the FTC

Not only can you block Spam with SpamBully, but you can also get back at the Spammers. SpamBully allows you to report their
Spam to their Internet Provider as well as the FTC. Not only are you simply blocking their Spam, but you are also helping to reduce
the amount of Spam on the web by stopping these Spammers. I love it.

Although those were my three favorite features, there are also other features I like as well. Forward E-Mails to your cell phone,
bounce E-Mail spam back to the spammer, compehensive graphing showing SpamBullys performance, and more.

I honestly can't say enough about SpamBully. I absolutely love this program. If you are having any kind of problem with E-Mail
spam, then I highly recommend SpamBully.